Week of May 27-May 31

1.  ELA

Dooley- Continue reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

     Graham- Continue reading The Book Thief


2.  Math

Quiz on Wednesday to cover Independent and Dependent Variables


3.  Social Studies

Continue learning about Europe.  Quiz on Southern Countries & Capitals on Wednesday.





May 19- May 23

1.  MATH

Independent and Dependent Events

2.  ELA

A. Dooley- Reading ” The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”

B.  Graham- Reading “The Book Thief”

3.  Social Studies

Continue the study of Europe- QUIZ ON THURSDAY on  Central & Eastern Europe

4.  Science

Continuing to learn about Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

May 12- May 16

1.  ELA- Dooley


2. ELA- Graham

Poetry Study

The Book Thief begins

3.  Math

Finish the study of Probability


4.  Social Studies

Finish the study of India and Gandhi

5.  Science

Study of the Kingdoms


Week of March 24- 28


1.  Prepare for Quiz on finding the area and perimeter of a rectangle, triangle, and trapezoid.


1.  Learning about Plant and Animal Cells

Social Studies

1.  Preparing for the All Asia Quiz


1.  Graham

7.1 & 7.2

Greek M ethology Study continues

2.  Dooley

Poetry study starts

December 10 to December 20

MATH- Over the next week and a half we will…

  1. Understand which variables have linear relationships.
  2. Recognize problem situations in which variable have a proportional relationship.
  3. Write equations that represent linear relationships.
  4. Use tables, graphs, and equations to solve problems about linear relationships.

ELA- Continue reading short stories and identifying plot, character traits, setting, and theme.  Vocabulary study will continue too.

Social Studies- Rome project.