Week of March 24- 28


1.  Prepare for Quiz on finding the area and perimeter of a rectangle, triangle, and trapezoid.


1.  Learning about Plant and Animal Cells

Social Studies

1.  Preparing for the All Asia Quiz


1.  Graham

7.1 & 7.2

Greek M ethology Study continues

2.  Dooley

Poetry study starts

December 10 to December 20

MATH- Over the next week and a half we will…

  1. Understand which variables have linear relationships.
  2. Recognize problem situations in which variable have a proportional relationship.
  3. Write equations that represent linear relationships.
  4. Use tables, graphs, and equations to solve problems about linear relationships.

ELA- Continue reading short stories and identifying plot, character traits, setting, and theme.  Vocabulary study will continue too.

Social Studies- Rome project.







Week of December 2

Math- Introduction to an Algebra Unit

1.  Identify variables in situations in which two quantities are related, and determine the dependent and independent variable.

2.  Construct tables and graphs to represent relationships between variables.

3.  Describe patterns of change shown in tables and graphs.

ELA- Dooley & Graham

1.  Continue reading and analyzing short stories to identify plot, setting, and character development.

2.  Vocabulary will be introduced.


Science- Digestive System Quiz on Thursday


Social Studies-The Rise and Fall of Rome






November 20 to 27

1.  Math- Quiz on Monday, November 25

Sales price and discount, sales tax, tips, percent increase & decrease, commission,  simple interest.

2.  ELA-

Graham- Roots #4

3.  Science-  Food Diary Log & The Digestive System

4.  Social Studies- Studying Rome & Quiz on Monday, November 25




Week of October 28, 2013

1.  Science- Leaning more about how the Cardiovascular System and the Respiratory Systems work together.

2.  Social Studies-  ROME

3.  Math- Continue to compute unit rate and using them to solve problems. We will compare unit rate prices, time, speed/ rate, and distance.

4.  ELA-

Dooley and Graham- Continue reading short stories and developing skills to identify the plot and characterization.

Graham- Task 1 and 2 of your book project.  Roots #3


Week of October 21- 25

1.  ELA- Continue with the short story unit and learning how to identify the elements (plot, setting, characterization) of each story.

2.  Math- Comparing unit rates and using them to real world solve problems involving time, rate, distance, and unit rates at a grocery store.

3.  Science-  Continue studying the circulatory system.  Finish up the Crime Scene Lab.

4.  Social Studies- Learning more about the Golden Ages.



October 15- 18

The Week Ahead…

1. Math-  Quiz on Thursday

The quiz will cover using ratios, fractions, and percents to report survey results, compare recipes, and increase/decrease servings in a recipe.

2.  ELA- Short Story Unit

Plot Chart, character development, and setting

3.  Social Studies- Ancient Greece Research Project and Prezi